The Employment Committee exists to assist the members of the Congregation, their family and friends, who may be unemployed or underemployed, in identifying possible opportunities for employment.  The Committee focuses on conducting searches for current job openings across various industries and presenting those openings both on-line and on its bulletin.  By the grace of God, it strives to be a blessing for anyone in need of employment.   Various workshops are presented during the course of year to assist with interview etiquette and best practices for use when searching for employment.

Special highlights and functions of this ministry:

The Committee consists of individuals who are trained to conduct various workshops relating to interviewing skills, resume preparation and best methods for sourcing new jobs. To the Glory of God, an annual job fair is held at Huber Memorial Church.

Who can participate?

Those who are interested in assisting with identifying new positions, posting positions on the bulletin board, and securing employers for the annual job fair.

When do we meet?

Meetings are by announcement.

For more information contact:

Belinda Harris, Committee Leader
Job Opportunities (coming soon!)