The mission of the Healed Helpers Ministry is to provided a spiritual support through the Word of God to be a human extension to those experiencing emotional hurt and pain, and to help one to move into victory.

Special highlights and functions of this ministry:

We walk with those who are in crisis, using the Word of God and our similar personal experiences and testimonies to minister to them by:

  • Our Annual Sharing Event, "Joy Comes in The Morning". Held the 3rd Friday in November.
  • Sending cards and visiting the sick and shut-in
  • Servicing at Home Going Services
  • Being available to assist persons in crisis through counseling.
  • We provide support to caregivers.

Who can participate?

Must be a member of Huber for 1 year.
Must be regular in attendance in the Worship Service.
Must be in Bible Study.
Must be demonstrate Empathy toward others.

When do we meet?

One Saturday every other month, beginning in the month February.

For more information contact:

Bea Arter, President