We are Salvation Counselors of Huber Memorial Church according to II Corinthians:

God was in Christ reconciling the world...
God has given us a ministry of reconciliation...
God has committed unto us the word of reconciliation...
God has made us Ambassadors for Christ.

Special highlights and functions of this ministry:

As Salvation Counselors, we are available at every service to share the plan of salvation, The Roman Road with new converts. We share the Gospel, read scripture and pray with new believers as they attend pre-membership classes and receive the Right Hand of Fellowship. We encourage and guide new members until they are ready to step-out on their own.

Who can participate?

Any member of Huber Memorial Church who is in Bible study. We offer training and bible study to anyone who desires to be a Salvation Counselor.

When do we meet?

General body meetings are held quarterly between Bible study sessions. Date(s) are to be determined.

For more information contact:

Howard Mason
Victoria Horne