A Hand Up... Not A Hand Out.

The Ministry Mission Statement:

We strive to improve the lives we touch by providing Christ honoring service and healthy food. Our focus is to work together to the benefit the community, by pooling our resources which is not only good stewardship, but a self-help approach to meeting the needs of the community.

Who We Are:

The S.H.A.R.E. Ministry is a Food Coop that provides an opportunity for people to purchase affordable, nutritious groceries at a reduced cost.  This is accomplished by the SHARE DC east coast region pooling the buying power of our dollars to reduce food costs.  As SHARE DC is mostly a volunteer-based company and their mission helps the Huber mission "to rescue the children, to redeem the family and to recreate the community."

What We Do:

SHARE is a monthly process.  Each month orders are collected and called into the Landover MD. Each month a truck is requested and picked up the Friday afternoon before the Saturday distribution. Each month a man secures Huber place in line on Friday night before the Saturday distribution.  

Each month the men head out at 6 am to get the food and deliver it to Hamlin Hall in Huber by 8 am. Each month ministry members and volunteers bag and tag the orders for the 10 am distribution.  

And each month, 15 minutes before the 12:30 closing, we begin the process of looking for places to donate forgotten orders.

How to order.

E.B.T. and credit card transactions are made by calling the main office in Hyattsville (1-301-864-3115) after submitting a paper form in the Huber Memorial Church drop off box near the church office or sending your order and confirmation number to hmchuberchurchfoodcoop@gmail.com. Currently the regular or Value package cost is $24.00. When offered, the special meat or desert packages have a price range of $16.00 to $30.00.  

Special highlights and functions of this ministry:

  • The Co-op also has a monthly newsletter with previews of the next month's food items, recipes featuring the current month's items, basic food and budget tips, other SHARE host sites and volunteer opportunities.

  • Every Month…we provide:

    • The youth a community service opportunity that can be used as High School credit.

  • 10 Years and counting… Each month we send food and toiletries to the KARIS HOME (for Women & Children)
    1228 E. Baltimore Street
    Baltimore, MD 21202

  • 15 Years and counting… Each year we organize

    • the Huber Holiday Basket Program for

    • Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Who can participate?

If you eat, you qualify! As a patron, the food co-op is open to everyone.  

As a volunteer, men are wanted as part of the 6 am food pickup. Volunteers are needed for the 8 am to 10 am bagging and the distribution process from 10 am to 12:30 p.m.  We are also looking for volunteers who are willing to deliver food orders to seniors.

As a ministry member, we are looking for anyone who wants to step beyond being a volunteer and is willing to honor Pastor's Installation Promise to be:

  • regular in my Worshipping

  • consistent in my Witnessing

  • loyal in my One-Anothering

  • diligent in my Wording and bible study

  • and faithful with the Management of God's resources in my life.

When do we meet?

Every month before the food distribution begins at 10 AM.

For more information contact:

Felicia Rivers, Ministry Director