“Spread the Word” is the public relations ministry of the Huber Memorial Church. Our mission is first and foremost; to lift up Jesus so all people will be drawn to Him. We do this collectively by projecting an image of Huber Church that is warm, welcoming and caring to the community. We not only want people to know what is happening in the life of the church, we also want people to see the difference Christ can make in their lives. It is our goal, in every interaction with the public, to convey a warm hospitality so that those who read about our programs, drive past our facilities and participate with our activities will want to become part of the Body of Christ.

Special highlights and functions of this ministry:

The Spread the Word Ministry is comprise of the following ministry teams:

Employment Committee
Events Line, Radio & Press Media
Follow-up Ministry
Living HOPE Broadcast Video Team
Photography Team
Printed Media
Signs & Banners
Tape Ministry
Huber Website

Who can participate?

Members of Huber with skills or interest in the area of writing, photography, design and layout, graphic illustration, TV (cable & broadcast production), art, Web page design, Internet technology, radio, audio and video tape production, marketing, organizational and management skills, proposal writing, archiving, etc.  Creative ideas and willing workers are always welcome!

When do we meet?

Announced as needed.

For more information contact:

George Deaver