The mission of the Road to Damascus Substance Abuse Ministry is to address the addictions of the human personality, such as chemical dependency, overeating, work-alcoholism, smoking and gambling. The ministry is based on love and salvation found only through the Lord Jesus Christ. It is designed to assist the addicted personality in obtaining sobriety and a sense of well being by building faith and breaking the chains of addiction through salvation.

Special highlights and functions of this ministry:

The ministry supports the evangelism outreach ministry, Operation Burning Light. Anniversary service held annually in October.

Who can participate?

Anyone who desires help in addressing their addiction.

Leadership are members of Huber who attend Bible study and have the desire to serve God's people and the willingness to be referred to, to listen to and to pray with anyone who has a problem with addiction.

When do we meet?

Every Wednesday 7:00 pm

For more information contact:

John Featherstone 410-963-8784
Stephen Burnette . 443-500-0004
Vernita Cox 443-413-4290