Fall 2018
Youth Bible Study Classes

Tuesday 7 p.m.

  • High School Seniors (Co-ed)
    Room 210
    Gregg Powell

  • High School Boys
    Room 206
    Pastor Smith/ Howard Mason/ Mike Stanley

  • High School Girls
    Room 211
    Tonia Taylor/ Bea Arter/ Barbara Alexander

  • Middle School Boys
    Room 205
    Pastor Smith/ Steve Williams/ Herman Dix

  • Middle School Girls
    Room 207
    Fundamentals of the Faith
    Janet Cooper/ Belinda Harris

  • Young Girls 7-10 (Walk-in registration only)
    Room 204
    No registration fee.
    Yvonne Brown/ Debra Taylor

  • Young Boys 7-10 (Walk-in registration only)
    Room 207
    Manhood is a Choice
    No registration fee.
    Clay Fleming/ Gary Brown

Thursday 7 p.m.

  • Math Tutorial (Walk-in registration only)
    Room 130
    For students who have difficulty with mathematics. Parents are encourage to attend. No registration fee.
    LiLy Brown