Reverend P.M. Smith, Pastor of the Huber Memorial Church,

is a servant and teacher. He is one of six children of the late Edward and Cleo Daniels Smith. He is married to Delores Stanton Smith. They have two children, Tehma (tay-ma) and Ade (ah-day).
A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Pastor Smith was educated in the Baltimore City school system, graduating in 1965 from Baltimore City College. He continued his education and went on to attend Coppin State College, receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education in 1969. His desire, as a young child, to be a lawyer led him out of state to attend law school.

After studying law at Texas Southern University and the University of Michigan, he earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Michigan in 1973. P.M. Smith was on his way to pursuing his life-long goal. He practiced criminal law, first in Michigan and then Maryland, spanning a ten-year period from 1973 to 1983. Early on in his life, he felt both a call from God to preach and a desire to be in the ministry. Finally, he yielded to the call and was licensed to preach on March 20, 1977 at First Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland. He continued to practice law and preach while fulfilling the role of Associate Minister at First Baptist Church.
Despite the fact that he had achieved success as a formidable criminal attorney, and was serving the Lord in the ministry, there was still a void in his life. In 1983 he left the legal profession completely and began to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ full time. He was ordained on March 20, 1983. Although winning cases was something he did well, winning souls for the Lord was something he did best! The congregation of Huber Memorial Church voted unanimously, on March 13, 1983, to extend an invitation to him to become pastor of the church. P.M. Smith became the Pastor of Huber in September 1983. At the start of his pastorate, the congregation numbered 14. Pastor Smith was faithful and believed God would bring the increase. During his tenure, the church has realized continued growth with a current congregation of 1200.

Pastor Smith's vision and mission is to "Rescue the Children, Redeem the Family and Recreate the Community". To this end, in 1995, he founded H.O.P.E. Academy, an elementary school promoting a "Christian revolution in traditional education." Pastor Smith can be seen every Sunday at 7:30 a.m. on The Living HOPE broadcast on the CW Baltimore - Channel 54.
Pastor, servant, teacher, preacher, urban advocate, community leader, and soldier of the Cross, encourages every Child of God, every Soldier of the Cross of Christ...

“Don't compare... don't complain... don't compete... don't quit... Just Continue!”


1 Corinthians 15:58