H.O.P.E. Academy is not just another school...We are a "family of families" committed to living and teaching Christian values, sacrificing ourselves to save our children and paying the price to make the difference in the lives of our people. H.O.P.E. Academy enables students to grow, learn and develop to their fullest God given potential, through a structured, Christ-centered educational program that challenges and equips them with the tools needed to stimulate academic and spiritual growth, build strong self esteem and develop healthy relationships with peers and caring adults.

Special highlights and functions of this ministry:

Loving and nurturing staff
Professionally trained, qualified teachers
Small classes
Safe, clean atmosphere
Affordable tuition
Sibling discounts
After care program
Accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education
A Christian environment, H.O.P.E. Academy uses the Calvert Curriculum. The strength of the Calvert Curriculum is its solid grounding in academic basics - reading, writing and arithmetic.

Who can participate?

At H.O.P.E. Academy we seek to develop an approach to education characterized by a sense of enthusiasm, responsibility, self-confidence, self-discipline and Christ-likeness.

Present Enrollment: Grades Pre-K thru 5.

For further information contact :

H.O.P.E. Academy
1808 Edison Highway
Baltimore, Maryland 21213
Phone (410) 327-9020  
Fax (410) 327-9023