The Music Ministry focuses on glorifying God through song and is an extension of the pulpit. This ministry uses music to uplift, motivate, set the atmosphere and prepare the hearts of congregates to receive the Word of God. Our mission is to minister with excellence and to sing with the spirit and with understanding.

Special highlights and functions of this ministry:

This ministry is a collection of five (5) consistently existing choirs and the musicians that support them. These choirs include: The Grand Choir, Unity Ensemble, The Male Chorus, The Youth Choir and The Children's Choir.

Grand Choir – As inferred by the name, the Grand Choir is made up of all the members of Huber’s four consistent choirs. This choir usually ministers once monthly, but has the privilege of ministering twice in those months with a fifth Sunday.

Unity Ensemble – This is the Music Ministry’s all-women’s choir. These daughters of Zion primarily sing traditional gospel music and hymns.

Male Chorus – Usually ministering on the fourth Sunday of each month, these men of God lead the congregation in worship through traditional gospel music.  

Youth Choir – This choir is governed by Huber's Youth Ministry and is comprised of middle and high school-aged members. They put their youthful energy and vigor into singing songs that help drive home the fact that God is a God for all age groups.

Children’s Choir – Recognizing that our children are our future, this choir is made up of jubilant singers from Pre-K to fifth grade. This choir serves as a training ground that introduces our children to the importance of serving in ministry and helps to grow future members/leaders for all ministries at Huber.

Specialty Choirs/Observances:

Throughout the calendar year there are observances that are supported by specialty choirs. These "ad-hoc" choirs are not long-term and may or may not include regular members of the music ministry. Special choirs are pulled together from the congregation to support the following observances:

Marriage Emphasis Weekend – Husband and wife couples.
Mother’s Day Choir – Men of Huber honor mothers.
Father’s Day Choir – Women of Huber honor fathers.
Champions of the Faith – Huber members 55 years old and older

Who can participate?

Commitment, dedication and discipline are expected and required of every member of the Music Ministry. ALL members of the Music Ministry MUST participate in a quarterly Bible Study. Ministry members are encouraged to order your priorities to include Bible Study and Worship Services. Additionally, you must:

  • be a member in good standing
  • attend weekly rehearsals
  • seek to glorify the Lord in song during Worship Services as well as during rehearsals.

When do we meet?

Choir rehearsals are on Wednesday  6:00 p.m. & Fridays 6:30 p.m. at the Huber Community Life Center.

For more information contact:

Bro. Demond Thomas