The Wellness Ministry provides biblically based, common sense, education, and application, which gives HOPE to everyone from the healthy to the unhealthy. The Wellness Ministry helps the people of God to know and live the wellness lifestyle of God through his word, the truth, the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and equipping the children of God to thrive and survive in a disease culture. Both of these are at the heart of what this E3 ministry has been about and will continue to be about. We will, together, build a leadership team that then builds a ministry of wellness leaders. Leaders who will combine the Wellness on the Battlefield (WOB) teachings with programs that help the body of Christ to build sustainable wellness lifestyles. Lifestyles based on the Word of God. Then people will say, "those people, in that church, on that hill on York Road are some of the healthiest people I know."

Special highlights and functions of this ministry:

  • Biblically Based, Common Sense Education.

  • We offer two Bible Study courses:
    Wellness on the Battlefield Part 1
    Wellness on the Battlefield Part 2

  • Wellness worshops

Who can participate?

The Temple Rebuilders Wellness Ministry is open to all who want to create the very best lifestyle possible. Great health will not fall into your lap - you have to create it, maintain it, and sustain it. Join us so we can figure out ways to best do this - or individuals and our church family and our community. Come and join us - there is always room for one more!

When do we meet?

 The 3rd Saturday of every month at 9 A.M.

For more information contact:

Herbert Jordan III, President