The mission of the Youth Ministry is to help our young people develop and mature spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially. We recognize that Jesus Christ is Lord, it is through Him we receive our salvation and can claim victory over the evils of the world. We promote and enhance the academic excellence of our youth in the classroom and community. We teach our youth that God has blessed us with our physical bodies to carry out His mission on earth. We should not abuse it with drugs and alcohol, nor engage in immoral sexual behaviors. We affirm the attitude in our youth not to harm each other and respect their brothers and sisters as well as care for the elder members of the community.

Special highlights and functions of this ministry:

Ministry Leadership Pray for the ministry and provide an environment for Christian growth by preaching, teaching and living the Word of God.

Parents Parental support (prayer, financial, time) is essential to the success of the ministry. In addition to Proverbs 22:6 parents and youth leaders must work together as a team communicating to our youth our common desire for their growth.

Who can participate?

Youth ministry and activities are directed toward young people in middle school and high school. Our ministry welcomes anyone who is a member of the church and is committed to supporting the spiritual growth and development of our youth.

When do we meet?

Leaders, parents and youth orientation is held in September.

For more information contact:

Greg Powell
Sheronda Edmonds